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Dia de Muertos


In the Mexican state of Michoacán, on Lake Patzcuaro, stands the small island of Janitzio. The Purepechas community still practices the traditional indigenous celebrations of the Dia de Muertos. Several days are dedicated to honor the memory of the deceased and to prepare for the visit of the souls.


The decor is breathtaking; the cemeteries are covered with flowers. Nearly 20,000 tourists invade the island of a few hundred inhabitants during the night of souls, on the first day of November. Unfortunately, there are many who think they are in a festival and who do not care or even respect the spiritual practices of the inhabitants. The Purepechas remain proud of their traditions by perpetuating the customs of their ancestors. It is sometimes difficult to reconcile respect for spirituality with the economic necessity of tourism.


The photographer, François Léger-Savard, spent several days in the community to attend the many preparations surrounding the celebrations and to testify of it with his colorful images.

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