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Yves et Maks sur la route
Seasons 1 and 2


Yves Tougas, who has been blind since the age of 18, is an excellent massage therapist and a gym beast who trains six days a week. His friend, chef Maksim Morin, is a gastronomy scholar who has been hanging around restaurant cuisines since his childhood. Sharing the same passion for travel and good food, they explore the gastronomic routes of the United States, Mexico and Canada in search of new culinary experiences. Flavors and surprises are on the menu of the two seasons of this documentary series. François Léger-Savard captured these gastronomic and cultural discoveries as director of photography.

Producer > Orlando Arriagada

Director > Bachir Bensaddek et Orlando Arriagada

Production >

Broadcaster > AMI TÉLÉ

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